About Us

Daryl Lyons is the owner of Detail Lex. Daryl has vast experience and knowledge in auto detailing and has a long history of passion for sports cars. He was a member  of the Corvette Club. Daryl has a Bachelor of Business Management & Marketing Development from the Ohio State University and an Associate Degree in Business Management from the University of Kentucky.

Daryl knows what is expected and desired from all car owners, the feeling of riding around in style is everything. Daryl’s top priority is his customers; knowing customers come first and how to go out of the way to make sure every person leaves Detail Lex Happy

Daryl has assembled a dedicated team of professionals with over 75 years of experience and a passion for vehicles. Please feel free to stop by either of Detail Lex’s locations and meet our staff. Let us take care of all your detailing needs. Come in as a friend and leave as part of our Detail Lex Family.

Daryl “Big D” Lyons







Specialty  Vehicles  RV’s / Buses ? Trailers ? Semi-Trucks – $17 per foot ($300 minimum, includes wash & wax)

Boats $13 per foot (wash & wax, no minimum)

Motorcycles $60 (wash & wax)

Mobile air craft detailing starting at $300


Hand wash, clay bar, microfiber towel dry or master blaster dried, door jambs, choice of hand or machine wax, wheel and tire cleaning, gel application (tire shine).

Prices Starting At:

Compact vehicles starting at $110

Mid-Size vehicles starting at $120

Full-Size vehicles starting at $130



Deep cleaning and conditioning of all leather surfaces, full vacuuming including the trunk, shampooing of all cloth services via hot water extract/shampooer, windows, mirrors and crevices.

Prices Starting At:

Compact vehicles starting at $110

Mid-Size vehicles starting at $120

Full-Size vehicles starting at $130


The Works

The Works includes everything listed with the Exterior and Interior, plus machine buff (cutting compound), polish, glaze and wax, headliner spot cleaning, headlight restoration, pet hair removal and engine detailing.

Prices Start At:

Compact vehicles starting at $400

Mid-Size vehicles starting at $450

Full-Size vehicles starting at $500

A La Carte

(Compact / Mid-Size / Full-Size)

  • Hand wash and dry $25, $30, $35
  • Black out package (trim) any car $50
  • Hand or Machine was $80, $120, $145
  • Deep cleaning & conditioning leather $30, $30, $40
  • Machine buff, polish, glaze and wax ($300 , minimum)
  • Odor eliminator $100, (100% guarantee)
  • Headlight restoration $50
  • Headliner cleaning $25
  • Pet Hair Removal $30
  • Engine detailing $50
  • Scotch Guard $35

All chemicals used are Ph balanced and optimized to clean and protect your vehicle.

The “Manager Special” $95



Full Vacuuming (under seats and trunk)

Full interior wipe down and spot cleaning

add leather cleaning and conditioning for only $25 more!


High Quality hand wash with purified water and foam cannon for maximum lubricity while washing. Bug removal and wheel degreasing and cleaning, includes tire shine.

  • Pick up and delivery not available




Ceramic Clear Coat

Vehicle Coating $600 / $1000 / $1500 (if Paint restoration is needed, add a minimum of $300)

Glass Coating $150 / $200 / $250

Leather Coating $200 /$250 / $270

Wheel Coating $200 (For a set of 4)

Detail Lex

Main Office:

195 S. Forbes Rd. Lexington, 40511

Location #2 

540 E. Second St. Lexington, 40508

Phone: 859.246.0006

E-mail: contactus@detaillex.com


Monday: 8AM-530PM

Tuesday: 8AM-530PM

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